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As part of their educational programmes, early education and care services may be situated in or travel to bush environments where it is known that snakes may be active and present. Although they are more common in the spring or summer, snakes can be found throughout the year, especially on sunny days. The following article provides information on What Attracts Snakes Into The Outdoor Area or Early Childhood Service, How Can We Snake-proof Our Service, Strategies to Implement To Minimise The Risk Of Snakes and more. 

An Educator from a Gold Coast early childhood centre, discovered a red-bellied black snake curled up behind a child's backpack, initially thought it was a toy snake until she saw it breathing. 

The Australian Snake Posters show images of popular Australian snakes and their names. These can be used to teach children about snakes found throughout Australia.

The Australian Snakes Information Posters provides information on the 10 most popular snakes in Australia, It also includes information about where it is found, other names for the snake and brief information about the snake.

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