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Minimum Wage Rates Increased In July, So It’s Time To Recheck Your Wages

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Minimum Wage Rates Increased In July, So It’s Time To Recheck Your Wages

For Educators and ECTs minimum wage rates in awards increased by 5.75% in July, so it’s time to recheck your wages.

Use our pay wage tables in the following articles to check to see if you are being paid the newly increased rates. 

Childcare Wages In Australia - Wage Rates For Cert 3 and Diploma Educators. 

Early Childhood Teachers (ECT) Award Wages in Australia - Wage Rates For ECTs of the service. 

Your rate of pay cannot be less than it states in the Award. This does not apply to those receiving the above award rates. 

Further Reading

Levels For Childcare Wages - According to the Children’s Services Award 2010, all employees fall under a classification structure, this determines their minimum wage. Each “level” gives a definition of what is expected of the employee, the qualifications required and the duties the employee should perform in order to be paid at that particular level. Here is the list of classifications for each level.

Classification Levels For ECTs In Early Childhood Services - For ECTs working in early childhood services, they are on the Educational Services Teachers Award and there are 5 Classification Levels that determine their rate of pay.  

Last modified on Saturday, August 19, 2023
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