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Day For Daniel - Australia's Largest Child Safety Awareness And Education Day

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Day For Daniel - Australia's Largest Child Safety Awareness And Education Day

On 26th October 2018, is Day for Daniel. A national day of action to raise awareness of child safety. Children ages 3 to 8 years of age can take part in an interactive lesson that will teach children that their bodies belong to them and adults can help keep them safe.

The annual event is held in memory of 13-year-old Daniel Morcombe who was tragically abducted and murdered on the Sunshine Coast in 2003.

The key child safety message on Day for Daniel encourages children to Recognise, React and Report if they don’t feel safe. Conversations or education does not need to be scary or risk-focused but should highlight topics such as recognising body clues, understanding body ownership, naming private body parts and identifying adults who can help if a child feels unsafe. It’s important to ensure the information you are sharing is age and developmentally appropriate.

Early childhood services can take part and all that is needs is an internet-enabled device that can stream video content with audio.

Everyone is also encouraged to wear red on Day for Daniel in remembrance of Daniel Morcombe. Daniel was wearing a red t-shirt when he was abducted on 7 December 2003. He was last seen waiting for a bus. It was suspected at the time that Daniel may have been murdered and this was later confirmed. Wearing red links Daniel’s very real story to the importance of safety education. It provides a message of strength and hope that together we can make the world safer for all children as a legacy to Daniel and his family.

For Services that register for Day for Daniel will receive a free resource kit.

Click the link to register: Registration For Early Childhood Services

For more information: Australia's Biggest Child Safety Lesson

Day For Daniel, Australia's Biggest Child Safety Lesson


Last modified on Saturday, October 20, 2018
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