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Camp Australia Fined - Boy Sprayed In Eyes

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Camp Australia Fined - Boy Sprayed In Eyes Topline

Camp Australia Joondalup Education and Care Centre was fined $22,500 after a young child was sprayed in the eyes with antibacterial cleaner.

A spray container of antibacterial cleaner was left on top of a table beside an unlocked cabinet, where the seven-year-old boy was then sprayed in the eyes with the cleaner by another child - who had grabbed the container off the table.

Educators at the centre did not inform the child’s mother of the accident until she arrived to collect him three hours later.

The following day, the mum rang Camp Australia to complain that her child’s eyes had been burned, and he was prescribed medication by a doctor.

Since the boy was sprayed, Camp Australia changed antibacterial cleaner brands to a less harsh product, put the Poisons Hotline on sanitiser and spray bottles, and updated its Dangerous Products and Equipment policy.

Camp Australia was fined $7500 for the boy’s accident and a further $15,000 for failing to notify the Regulatory Authority about the accident.

Incidents like this can occur so it's important that all Educators within the service supervise children and take note of where they are leaving spray bottles etc. during clean up. It's vital that cleaning products whether they are harmful or not are placed in a locked up cupboard when not in use and when using be mindful of the children around.

Also, please make sure that correct procedures are followed if an incident does occur. Inform parents when incidents occur so they are aware of what is happening with their child. Sometimes it is too late to wait until the parent picks up the child so give them a quick call to let them know what has happened and ensuring them that their child is unharmed/safe and give them details of what occurred. 

If procedures are not followed the service will need to face the dire consequences as Camp Australia have rightly faced.

Perth care centre Camp Australia fined after boy sprayed in the eyes with cleaner, The West Australia, Saturday 3 March

Last modified on Thursday, May 12, 2022
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