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Action Against Dodgy Training Colleges and Incompetent Students

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Action Against Dodgy Training Colleges and Incompetent Students

ACECQA is very concerned that some educators with first aid certificates are not trained in medical emergencies, due to the fact that dodgy training colleges are handing out qualifications to incompetent students. 

NSW Early Childhood Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said the state government would “use the full extent of the law’’ to deal with dodgy childcare qualifications.

“Services and individuals that have submitted fraudulent documentation will be investigated and can be prosecuted,’’ she said.

All staff in family daycare, and at least one carer in each long daycare centre, must be trained in first aid, anaphylaxis and asthma management.

“A situation where a student has completed one qualification and is incorrectly deemed competent, could present a serious and significant risk to children being educated and cared for,’’ ACECQA warns in a submission to the Department of Education and Training.

“A failure of graduates to properly administer first aid to children in their care in times of emergency carries a high risk to children and could have life-threatening consequences.’’

Childcare centres have also complained about qualified educators who do not possess the basic literacy skills expected of them. ACECQA criticised the poor English skills of some educators and calls for mandatory literacy tests before students graduate. 

It has been demanded by The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) of private daycare centres to the Federal Education Department to take “bold action’’ against training colleges that fail to properly train staff.

“The very nature of the industry evolves around very young and, as such, vulnerable children who are reliant on the competency and skills of their educators,’’ it said. 

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Last modified on Saturday, April 8, 2017
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