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ACECQA, working with all state and territory regulatory authorities, has developed n online calculator to help simplify calculations across centre-based services.
With so many course providers available to choose from when you're looking to study a qualification in early childhood education and care it's important to find a course provider that suits your lifestyle and your study needs.
Sensory experiences enable children to use their senses to explore and manipulate objects.
John Dewey saw learning as lifelong and that educators need to not only teach skills and knowledge but also help children to live and exist in our society.
The following is a list of call and response ideas to teach the children - you say the "call" while the children "respond".
Challenging Behaviour is when a child does something that hurts themselves and/or other people.
Cultural competency is about having awareness, respect and understanding of the diversity around you.
For Applicants currently in the process of provider approval, the following article provides information on the assessment component.
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