Moving our centre on Christmas eve

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Moving our centre on Christmas eve

Post by Elianaa » Sat Nov 21, 2020 2:49 pm

So our centre is closing down at the end of the year and we are all moving into a new big building.
Our centre will be closing to the children on the 23rd of December. We are all expected to work a 9 hour shift of Christmas Eve and move furniture and get it ready for the new year.
I just kind of think it’s a bit unreasonable to ask us to do that on Christmas Eve but I’m not sure if I’m just being dramatic and should just suck it up? I would just take annual leave but I don’t want to let the team down.
We have all had a very hard year being in Melbourne with COVID and everything going on and it’s been very draining for a lot of our staff.
My boss is great but she’s so stressed out she just bursts into tears randomly at least once a day.
I feel like talking to upper management and telling them how much pressure and stress they are putting us all under and that asking us to spend Christmas Eve moving furniture is ridiculous, especially when they won’t be coming to help us!
So I’d love some opinions! Would you guys be okay and happy to do that on Christmas Eve?

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Re: Moving our centre on Christmas eve

Post by Butterflyblue » Sat Nov 21, 2020 8:27 pm

Hi Elianaa,

Unless a workplace is usually closed on the 24th, Christmas eve is considered a regular working day, its not a public holiday or anything like that.
If your working your standard hours its not unreasonable for your employer to ask you to come in.
Is moving funiture/ resetting etc the centre part of your job description, even if its a one off?
If not definitely say something!

It has been hard here in Victoria and I totally get why you'd rather be at home with your family and friends, maybe doing some shopping, getting last minute presents wrapped and so on.

Assuming your centre is closed on public holidays they might not have many options if wanting it done in 2020?
The 25, 26, 28 and the 1st are all public holidays.

Does the centre close during the Christmas/ new year period? If so, maybe they can have you all come in on a different day? Like the 29th or 30th instead.

You could try writing an email as a group politely asking for a different day?
You can also let them know you would appreciate managements support in person as part of the transition to a new centre on said day after what has been a difficult year.

Also it sounds like your manager is under way too much stress, she might not be coping if she cries often. Is there any support management, HR or the other staff and yourself can offer her?

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