Tips for keeping FDC startup costs down – resources

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Tips for keeping FDC startup costs down – resources

Post by Butterflyblue » Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:22 am

When you’re starting out getting resources can seem like an expensive exercise but it doesn’t have to be,
a few things to keep in mind:
• You don’t need to spend a fortune to create an fdc space
• less is more, there is no need to have tons of resources and some empty space is good
• the things you do get, especially furniture must be suitable for children

top tips:
check out op shops and garage sales for everything (toys,books, furniture, arts & craft materials, items you can re purpose etc)
borrow books from your local library - its free!
borrow toys from your local toy library
go to your local market
always be on the lookout for a good bargain - try shopping online and websites such as gumtree and facebook marketplace etc as well
research diy projects, hacks etc
try to get items with more than one purpose for example a bench seat with storage or train table with storage etc
check out industry specific businesses for furniture, educational toys etc

The following list is example of what a new fdc may have:
A sign in area, with an empty wall for the paperwork you must have displayed (from scheme)
somewhere to put bags and other belongings - you can use anything you want
A table and some chairs (4)
Some classic toys (blocks, train set, dolls etc) on a easy to access shelf like a cube shelf turned on its side
Some books on a bookshelf, in a book bin etc– signing up to your local library and having a rotating selection available is a great way to have variety and its free
Basic arts and crafts materials - try a mixed arts & craft pack from a chain store and packet of paper to start
A shaded area outside and some simple outdoor toys such as balls, bubbles and chalk

How to make your space professional:
A mat to play on indoors, some plants outside or on the windowsill , wall or ceiling for hanging the kids art and photos, a board/paper etc with the weeks activities and some posters can help tie everything together. A copy of your free local community newspaper, free CHILD magazine, brochures from the local library etc and a list of whats on locally are also easy ways to impress.
Your philosophy with a welcome sign is also a nice touch

If your budget allows; some larger items you might get:
A home corner
A sand pit or cubby house

For a more detailed list check out What resources to get for a FDC post and have a look at Natural play, open ended learning and diy resources in FDC for some free resource ideas post

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