How to Post A Question (or) Create a New Topic.

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How to Post A Question (or) Create a New Topic.

Post by admin » Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:49 pm

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to To make sure that you have a positive experience, we ask that you please read the following guidelines before posting.

Are You a Member?

As a guest, you can certainly view all Forums and Topics without any restrictions. However, you will only have the read-only feature as a guest. Once you register and become our member, you can actively participate in the Forum section. Its Free and this way it also reduces the spams. Its very simple, quick and easy to Register. To register, simple click on the "Register" at the Account page.

Are You in the Right Place?

Please make sure you post your question in the best relevant Categories and Forum listed. As posting in the wrong forum will result in your topic not being seen by the people who can contribute to it best, please be sure to choose the forum that best fits your issue. To view all main Forums & Categories, simply click on Forum link an the top of the page.

Seeking Assistance:

Please refer to the Forum Rules & Regulation before asking a question.

How to post a topic:

Here is a simple guide if you haven’t used a Forum before and not familiar with it. It’s a very simple and easy process to post a Topic (or) ask a question. Here is how you do it:

1) First of all, choose a category in the Forum index. The ‘forum index’ is the first page of the Forum that has all the categories and forums listed so you can find what you want easily. To get to the board index, you can simply click on the “FORUM” button on the Site Navigational Bar on the top (or) by clicking on the “Forum” link on the top of the page if you in one of the Forums. There are many more of these ‘Forum’ links associated around the pages and you can find it once you play around a bit.

2) Choose and click on a ‘Forum’ that is best suited to your question.

3) This will then open up topics which other members have posted under that Forum..

4) Once you have found the best suitable place to post your topic, simply click on “NewTopic*” to add a new topic or ask a question. You can find this “NewTopic’ link on the top of the page above the lists of Topics and also on the bottom of the page. (Remember, you need to be logged in for this. If not, just follow the screen and log-in. Its easy..)”

5) Fill in the details in the subject line. The subject line is going to be the Title of your Topic. So please choose a good and descriptive title.

6) When you have finished, you can either Submit your topic (or) Preview it before you submit so you can check for spelling or recap what you have said. Once you are happy with it, click on submit.

9) Your topic will now be submitted into the forum for members to view.

10) Wait for your topic to be replied to.

Students Support Forum:

If you are a student and want to ask support for your Assignments in our Forum, please read this before posting: How to create a New Topic in Student's Assignment Support Forum

Play around:

Once you have added a topic, you should feel pretty confident and also start to understand how the Forum works and you will start finding the other features really easy to use as well. Just play around with different options in the Forum since it has some useful features. You can Subscribe to topics, Bookmark a topic, Email any favourite topic to your friends, View a topic in a ‘Print View’, Reply to other people’s posts and many more!

Don’t forget to check our Articles, Activities, Printables and Templates Page:

We are constantly updating useful Articles, Online Tools Templates and Printables on our site. Please do check it out since you might find Articles that can help you and develop your knowledge in Child Psychology, Children behaviour, Parenting, Child Development, Kids Activities and Games, Pregnancy, Childcare / Pre-school Articles, Childcare Programming Articles, Nursery Rhymes, Kids Songs, Cooking Recipes and much more! New Articles are frequently updated so check it out often. To view our Articles, simply click on Articles link on the Site Menu bar at the top.

For Games & Activities, Art and Craft Ideas, Rhymes and Songs and Cooking Activities, click on Activities.

Likewise to view Printables and Worksheets, simply click on Printables link on the Site Menu bar at the top.

We also have EYLF Templates under EYLF Templates section that can be used for Long daycare, Family Daycare and OOSH Settings in Australia. So remember to check these out too.

Please tell all your friends and family:

Please tell your friends and family about this site. Not only this will help the community in supporting and helping each other, you can also have your own social network in this site. By using the private messages feature, it will enable you to contact friends and family, who have also joined this site. Unlike many other networking sites, you will not receive unnecessary ads and updates from everyone else on your friends list. So its more private. So, please share with site with everyone you know.

Hope you have an idea now. Should you require any assistance (or) report anything, feel free to contact the ‘Admin’ by simply clicking on the “Contact Us” link available at the bottom footer of all pages.

Please note: if you are having trouble viewing the site on internet explorer or some other browsers, it might be due to the old version of your browser. If so, try updating your browser to the newest one available.

We hope you enjoy this site and please visit us often.

Kind Regards,
The Administrator,
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