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Forum Ranking System

Post by admin » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:37 pm

Dear Members,

Aussie Childcare Network has a ranking system in our forums based on the number of forum posts. This feature will play a significant part in your Forum experience (and a little bit of fun) by giving you a rank title. This new ranking system is designed to reward members who have made a positive contribution in our forum and it is awarded based on the number of postings made by a member.

Each rank level is rewarded with a special prestige title. This will automatically take into effect once you have reached the post limit for that rank.

The ranks have special images that appear below your registered usernames. You can also see a progress bar to the next rank. So as your number of posts increases, so does your rank. Your rank will be displayed in your posts and on your profile page.

The ranking system has its benefits. Ranks are a distinguished title automatically applied to our members – this displays your significance and your level of participation in our Aussie Childcare Network forum. Since it is awarded based on the number of posts contributed, this will also help others to know and understand how much or how little the user knows. This is a special recognition that Aussie Childcare Network would like to reward our members who volunteer and contribute their time to help out others in our Forum.

Please do not spam just to get a higher rank. Just be your regular self, share your knowledge, help out fellow members and you will see your rank increase.

We hope everyone enjoys our ranking system!

The Rank Levels are:

Rank 1: Image => Participator => 20 to 49 Posts

Rank 2: Image => Helper => 50 to 99 Posts

Rank 3: Image => Contributor => 100 to 199 Posts

Rank 4: Image => Consultant => 200 to 299 Posts

Rank 5: Image => Coach => 300 to 399 Posts

Rank 6: Image => Mentor => 400 to 499 Posts

Rank 7: Image => Advisor => 500 to 599 Posts

Rank 8: Image => Patron => 600 to 699 Posts

Rank 9: Image => Guardian => 700 to 799 Posts

Rank 10: Image => Specialist => 800 to 899 Posts

Rank 11: Image => Wizard => 900 to 999 Posts

Rank 12: Image => Scholar => 1000 to 1999 Posts

Rank 13: Image => Philosopher => 2000 to 3499 Posts

Rank 14: Image => Guru => 3500 to 4999 Posts

Rank 15: Image => Saint => 5000+ Posts

Kind Regards,
The Administrator.