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Help Please

Post by jennyhermann » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:21 pm

I have just gotten some assessments back to have fixed up for my diploma..

I'm a little lost in finding where to locate the answer to the below Questions, If someone can please point me in the correct direction that would be awesome.

First Question:
Identify the NQS that each of these survey responses relates to:
“My son always comes home with an exciting story! He loves going to child care!”      
“My wife and I work shift work and we sometimes miss notification of events until after it’s over.”      
“The toys in the baby room always seem to be dirty when I see them.”      
“I had no idea that my daughter had a speech difficulty until it was brought up by her Group Leader. She even put together a list of organisations that could help us! Thanks Barb!!”

Notes from tutor: identify which quality standard links to the statements provided. You will need to access the Guide to the National Quality Standards. 

Second Question:
Outline the six (6) steps in the National Quality Framework assessment and rating process. In your answer, provide two (2) examples of how you can inform other staff members that the NQF assessment and rating process has commenced. ( Just needing to find how to inform other staff members that the NQF assessment has started.)

Notes From tutor: The second part of the question is asking how you will tell the other staff that the assessment and rating process has started. What two things will you do to tell the educators at the service?

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Re: Help Please

Post by Lorina » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:23 pm

1) Guide To The NQS

2) Assessment and Rating Process

For informing others it could be a notice on the staff notice board or an email to all staff letting them know...


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