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Cert 3 or Diploma - TAFE NSW

Post by Sanzau » Wed May 26, 2021 8:21 pm

Hi all
I’m currently enrolled with Inspire Education for my Certificate 3. I’ve started the first unit which I’m finding very confusing. The questions aren’t clear and I feel like I’m guessing what answer they might be looking for. Also I assumed the learner guide would mimic the workbook which it doesn’t. In hindsight I should’ve done more research and not signed up because of their “sale” which I’ve learned they always have a “sale”. I’m considering if I enrol straight into the Diploma with TAFE NSW. Would love any feedback from anyone who has studied with them for Certificate 3 or Diploma

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Re: Cert 3 or Diploma - TAFE NSW

Post by Butterflyblue » Sat May 29, 2021 1:42 am

Hi Sanzau,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but in recent times I've only heard negative things about inspire. Hard to reach and unhelpful is some of the feedback doing the rounds in the ecec community from people who signed up with them and experienced it first hand.
No judgement for those who study with them/like them etc at all. Always reccomend TAFE, can't really go wrong. Employers like tafe too 👍

Good luck!

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