CHC50908 - Learning Enviornments

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CHC50908 - Learning Enviornments

Post by TaylorL1993 » Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:22 pm

Your Assignment Module Number and Heading: CHC50908 - Learning Enviornments
Your Assignment Type: Other
Currently Working in Childcare? Yes
Your knowledge: Basic Knowledge

Your Question?
Locate the Every Child magazine Volume 15 No 3 2009. Read the following four articles and answer the questions below for each one
- Minimal resources or rich repositories: Exploring desert learning environments for young children
- ‘Only children can make secret places’: Children’s secret places in early childhood settings
- Working with what you have…
- Design matters: Assessing learning environments for young children

What is your answer so far or What have you done so far as an attempt to solve this question?
I have looked on all different websites and the sugested website...

Description and Message:
I have been trying to locate these articles. I have looked on the website (and others) and I can not get access to that copy of the Every child magazine... I was wondering if anyone would know how to get a copy of these articles...

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