Struggling with staying on track - mental health -question about cert 3?

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Struggling with staying on track - mental health -question about cert 3?

Post by SamanthaJade » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:52 pm

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd first of all say thanks to this forum for existing - it has helped me out with a few assignments this year!

I just have a question of sorts.
I started my traineeship/cert 3 in April this year. It was a big life change for me - I've spent the last two years in and out of treatment for my mental health (eating disorder, bipolar amongst other things...) and of course going from this to 8-9hr days 5days a week work and study was a big shock to my mental health and physical health (I've been sick so many times this year since starting work in childare ha)
Since starting I've been facing quite a rollercoaster with my mental health and energy, have been going through a long and difficult breakup from an unhealthy relationship etc and I've fallen quite behind with my work?
I'm 7 months in, past my halfway point but am still finishing up work I should have finished at the start of September (its the end of oct :( )

I'm just feeling very disheartened, and overwhelmed. I enjoy my job and I'm trying very hard but I don't think others might think I'm trying so hard. It really is difficult managing full time work and my tumultuous (to say the least) mental health (it gets quite debilitating at times but I'm trying!!)
I was wondering if anyone may have experienced difficulties with completing work on time and if thee's options to maybe extend a cert 3 traineeship past the finish date on the contract?

Sorry for the long winded post, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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