discriminatory or insulting language

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discriminatory or insulting language

Post by kaykay1234 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 1:08 pm

Hi, Am i on the right track?

Provide five examples of discriminatory or insulting language that might be used to describe a person who has a disability. Do not limit your responses to those terms used in the text. Why should education support workers refrain from using terms like these?

- Mentally Retarded
- Midget
- Spastic or a Spaz
- Paraplegic
- Schizophrenic

Support workers have a responsibility and duty of care to enhance the dignity of students with a disability. They need to be positive role models and use appropriate wording to describe individuals.

When support workers use discriminatory and/or insulting language such as "midget" it dehumanises the students with the disability as they feel less valued, less important etc. It categorises the individual to groups because of their differences.They are not labels they are individuals born with the disability "dwarfism".

SAY - She's a child that has dwarfism
DONT SAY - shes a midget child
This way (say) it describes what the child has
Not (dont say) what the child is

Therefore its important that support workers refrain from using terms such as midget as its degrading, inappropriate, and stereotypical .

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Re: discriminatory or insulting language

Post by Lorina » Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:00 am

Good response! Informative and well answered!


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