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Post by leo0012 » Mon May 15, 2017 8:12 pm

hi can you help me with this question please:
A) how long have aboriginal people and their ancestors occupied Australia?
B) what is the significance of the European doctrine of terra nullius in relation early colonisation and aboriginal land right?
C) what were the two key policies adopted by the British select committee in relation to the bad treatment of aboriginal people in australia?
D) what laws and systems were put in place as a result of these policies?
E) what two powers were given to the chief protectors?
F) by the turn of the century what did the government see as a solution to " the aboriginal problem"?
G) during the 1920's children were separated from their families and communities. where were they sent to and what was the impact on their living conditions, schooling/education, language and discipline?
H) during the 50's and 60's how did child welfare services respond to the increasing numbers of children being removed from their families?
I) what were the two outcome of the 1967 constitutional referendum for Aboriginal people?
J) what are the three key features of self-determination?
K) list the nine significant changes to the way indigenous people were viewed by non- indigenous during the 1990's?

i dont understand please help me ....thank you

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Post by Lorina » Wed May 17, 2017 12:21 pm

For these questions, I would suggest that you google each one separately... I understand it looks like a lot of questions but you need to research each one individually...

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