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The Recycle Songs and Rhymes Posters are great to display within the learning environment and easy and catchy songs to teach to children. These songs are a great way for children to learn about the environment and will help children to remember to recycle different items. A great way to encourage children to begin recycling.

The Scientists And Their Jobs Posters are great to display within the learning environment. Each poster includes the name of the role, a description of what the job involves and an image. This is great to get children involved in learning about science and to start conversations about scientists and their different roles.

The Weather Songs and Rhymes Posters have lyrics to different types of weather songs that can be sung by children during group time. These are simple and easy songs for children to sing about the weather, These posters can be displayed within the environment.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flag Posters have both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags. There is also an information page for each flag that includes the meaning of the flags and what each flag represents. These can be displayed within the learning environment.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Songs Posters for children show the lyrics of 3 popular ATSI songs for children. These can be displayed in the learning environment.

Inanay - A Torres Strait Islander song about a goanna in Yorta Yorta, a language of one of Torres Strait Islander tribes in Victoria. Taba Naba- This song is about going to the reef and is accompanied by a sit-down dance where the dancers perform traditional movements corresponding to the lyrics. Pitjantjatjara - 123 - Learn to count to 3 in Pitjantjatjara with this simple song. A dialect of the Western Desert Language, the largest language group of Aboriginal Australia.

The Finger Play Posters have words and actions of popular action songs that can be used with children during group time. These are great to display around the room. Fingerplays and action rhymes offer a multisensory approach to learning, engaging multiple senses – visual, auditory, touch and movement. They build language and speech skills, gross and fine motor skills, coordination, body awareness, rhythmic proficiency, social skills and auditory discrimination.

The Yoga Poses For Children Posters illustrate 16 different yoga poses/asanas for children to practice. Each poster demonstrates the child's yoga pose/asana, followed by the yoga pose name in English and Sanskrit. These are great to be used as a display or refer to when teaching children.

When children practise yoga it increases their confidence, builds concentration and strengthens growing bodies.  For children with behavioural issues, yoga can improve their impulses in a positive direction and provides them with an outlet as a way to manage their behaviour.

The Caring For The Environment Posters is great to use to show children and the community how to care for the environment. These are little tips that can be used as reminders of how we can all care for the environment. These posters will enable children to demonstrate an increasing knowledge of and respect for natural and constructed environments.

The Types Of Weather Posters are great for children to see the different types of weather that may happen. These can be used as a display or to teach children about the weather.

The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Posters are a good reminder for Educators and children on what items are to be reduced, reused and recycled. These can be displayed within a recycling area set up in the service to promote a sustainable environment.

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