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The Gingerbread Man Story Posters depict the story of the Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man is a fairy tale about a gingerbread man running away as people and animals are chasing him. These are great to read during group time and to display in the book area.

Good Morning In Different Languages have good morning in languages from around the world. Children can learn to say Good Morning from different parts of the world. These posters can also be used in displays, for cultural experiences and to enable children to explore cultural diversity.

The Vet Clinic Dramatic Play Posters can be used in the dramatic play area when setting up a Vet Clinic. These posters show images of a vet clinic in action and are great to be used in a display.

The Beginning Letter Sounds Posters show each individual letter of the alphabet and matching pictures for each letter. These are great to use with children during circle time when introducing phonics and to add into book corner.

The Pizza Shop Posters provide images of a pizza shop. These will be great to display in dramatic play when setting up a pizza shop.

The Australian Animal Information Posters enable children to recognise and name Australia's most famous animals. There is also a brief description of each animal that can be read to children to provide them with knowledge about each Australian animal. These are great for the learning environment and to use during circle time discussions.

The Australian Food Posters show pictures of foods that are found throughout Australia and are typical of Australian culture. These are great to use as a display and to share with children.

The Chinese New Year Posters show how New Year is celebrated. These images show the culture and traditions of Chinese New Year which can be displayed or shown to children during circle time.

The Chinese New Year Information Posters provide a brief description of the culture and traditions of the Chinese New Year. These are great to use as a Chinese New Year cultural display within the learning environment.

Kites Posters

Category Posters & Charts

Kites Posters provide images of different kites that can be flown from around the world. These can be used as a discussion point with children of what a kite may look like, kite designs and more.

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