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Easter Egg Games Using Plastic Eggs For Children

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Easter Egg Games Using Plastic Eggs For Children Image by Joshua Choate from Pixabay

Easter is just around the corner. What can be easier to make them learn about Easter and Easter eggs than to play with them? Playing and learning are always associated with each other. Learning through playing makes children curious about the thing and easily they can remember the lesson. Here are some simple games with plastic easter eggs that can be played with children. 

Egg Balance 


  • Make a circle with the children. 
  • The teacher should lead the possess
  • Now give everyone a plastic Easter egg and tell them to balance the egg on the head as much as they can.
  • Appreciate or give a small reward who can balance it for more time.
  • Encourage others also to perform the act.
  • While performing the action you can say the Easter egg story or what is the reason behind making easter eggs.

Children will love to play the game while they will listen to the historical story and also will be introduced to the tradition

Egg Delivery Game


  • Advise them to stand in a line.
  • Now give them a spoon in their mouth and place small eggs on it
  • Tell them to go from one corner to another without falling the eggs from the spoon of the mouth.
  • Appreciate or small rewards can be given to the child or children who have done the job more perfectly.
  • Before performing the activity, or in between teacher should tell them about Easter and Easter Egg.

They will learn about easter and this game will improve their motor skills and balancing ability.

Bass Egg Ball


  • Take a basket.
  • Make children stand at a fixed range from the basket.
  • Tell them to throw the eggs into the basket from the fixed place.
  • The teacher should explain Easter while performing the act before the act as per the situation.

They will be more habituated to the tradition of Easter and with this game, they will develop hand-eye-brain coordination.

Egg Rolls


  • Give eggs to children and tell them to roll them through a straight line from start to finish.
  • It is needless to say that Easter history should be mentioned by the teacher while performing the act.

With the introduction to tradition gross motor skills will also be improved.

Making An Egg Tower


  • Take half of the eggs and make a tower with it.
  • The teacher should lead the process while depicting easter.
  • Small rewards and appreciation are needed to encourage them.

Knowledge about easter through playing. And fine motor skill improvement

Egg Colour Sorting


  • One has to mix different colour eggs with each other.
  • Tell the students to sort the eggs as per colour in fixed boxes as early as possible.
  • One can give 30/60 seconds to separate the eggs as per colour
  • Who can separate most of the eggs in a fixed time will be appreciated.

Learning about Easter through playing and colour knowledge and co coherence skill will be developed by the game.

Apart from these, one can use Hot egg games where one needs to identify the hot eggs by touching them. This will also enhance sensory skills. One can also play a memory game by recollecting how many eggs are in a tray after watching and being blindfolded. One can make several plastic eggs in a jar and can try to take out any particular colour of the egg. So, there are a lot of plays and games to be enjoyed by the children while learning about Easter. The teacher should always help them by resenting different games and learning through play.

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Created On March 27, 2023 Last modified on Monday, March 27, 2023
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