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Children Hospitalised After Suspected Gastro Outbreak At A Childcare Centre

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Four children have been hospitalised after they contracted gastroenteritis at the same childcare centre in Sydney's lower north shore. 

Six children aged between 11 months to 4 years developed high fevers and vomiting over the last week cause by the gastroenteritis. 

Tragically another child who attends the same child care centre has died in hospital on Sunday and is yet to determine if the cause was a result of the outbreak. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones and we offer our condolences. 

The rotavirus, the cause of the outbreak is common amongst young children and usually takes several days to resolve. 

If you suspect that a child may have contracted gastroenteritis it is important that the child is isolated and seeks medical attention as soon as possible. 

Here is some more information on gastroenteritis: Gastro In Children

Ref: Alexander, Harriett (2016), Preschooler Death Unrelated To Gastro Outbreak, The Sydney Morning Herald. 

Last modified on Wednesday, November 16, 2016
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