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The Line Up Chant

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Lining up is easy to do (Lead)

Lining up is easy to do! (group)

When you take care of only you (x2)

Feet together, hands on your side (x2)

We’re not scared and we don’t cry (x2)

Sound off (Lead) 1, 2! (group)

And again (Lead) 3, 4! (group)

Ready now (Lead), 1, 2, 3, 4, out the door! (group)

Hints and Tips:

  • Choose a leader at the front of the line to start this chant. As they sing each line, the group follows, Also can be sung during excursions or evacuation drills to get children to line up quickly. 
  • A chant for the children to sing while they line up at the door, ready to transition to the next activity.


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