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National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology and it is held from 13 - 21 August 2022.

Mandala is an ancient art that originated in India and now is being used more in Tibet. They have of course gained popularity over a period of time and now they are being incorporated in various ways. So why not we also give it a try with our tiny tots. It’s a very complicated art form that involves a lot of intricacies but here we will be making it simple with objects collected in nature. 

Go nature hunting with children and let them search for various objects in nature.. Make them collect as much natural objects as they can. With their collection children will be making nature people with the items they have collected. Apart from this, they will be learning a lot about their own family and parts of their face.

For all those Frozen fans and those who love to simply experiment here’s an interesting activity to do. We will be making our ice grow here. Grow what, ice? How is that possible? Same was my reaction and believe me even after having done it in front of my eyes I couldn’t believe it. So basically, we will be teaching these little geniuses what crystallisation is all about through this experiment. And I bet kids are going to love this and you will have to repeat this too. So better have a crate of icy cool water and a large tub to collect all the overflows. Be ready to get that chill run down your spine!

These scientist posters can be used as a display that describe the qualities of a scientist and what scientists do. These can be used in the science area to support children's learning.

Children will learn to "track" the footprints of different Australian animals.

Arrange flowers and petals in a design on contact paper to create a stained glass effect.

This is a great introduction to get children into understanding the lifecycle of plants, how they grow and looking after them. 

Children can collect flowers and leaves to pound to make colourful prints.

Children can create their own jellyfish and learn about these fascinating sea creatures.

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