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Air Power

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Air Power John Ott

A science experiment that shows how a paper towel doesn't get wet in a sink of water.

Materials Needed:

  • A Kitchen Sink
  • Paper Towel
  • A Plastic Cup (medium-large size)

What to do:

  • Push the paper towel firmly into the bottom of the cup.
  • Fill the sink with water.
  • Turn the beaker upside down. Hold it straight and push it down into the water.
  • Count to 10.
  • Lift the beaker straight out without tipping it.

The Science Factor:

The paper towel doesn't get wet. No water gets into the cup because it is already full of air. Although you can't see it, the air takes up space inside the beaker so water cannot go in.

Hints and Tips:

  • Did you know, the air around us is a mixture of gases called Nitrogen and Oxygen.
  • Some gases smell really bad. Hydrogen Sulphide smells like bad eggs.

Additional Info

  • Appropriate Age: 5 year+
  • Number of Children: Individual (1), Couple (2)
  • Developmental Milestones:

    - follows and understands complex instructions (verbal and visual)
    - has organized, continuous memory

  • Play Based Learning: Sensory Play, Exploratory Play
  • Interest Areas: Science and Nature, Sensory Play
  • Games Categories: Cognitive Development, Learning Games, Sand and Water Games, Science Experiments, Sensory Games
  • EYLF Outcomes: Learning Outcome 4
  • Sub Outcomes:

    LO4 - Children Are Confident And Involved Learners

    4.2 Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving inquiry experimentation hypothesising researching and investigating

    4.4 Children resource their own learning through connecting with people place technologies and natural and processed materials

Created On December 31, 2014 Last modified on Friday, February 6, 2015
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