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Gingerbread Letter Match enables children to match the correct gingerbread to its house. This is great for children learning letters and for children to begin letter recognition.

The Christmas Countdown Posters are a fun way to start the last month of the year by counting down how many days till Christmas. This will be fun to display in the foyer and the learning environment and each day it can be changed leading up to Christmas. A great display to include within the service.

Christmas Around The World Posters shows the different ways countries celebrate the holiday seasons. This is a great starting point to start discussions with children on traditions around the world and to understand similarities and differences between countries. 

Goodbye Stars

Category Art and Craft

A special way for preschool friends to say goodbye to each other.

A nice little graduation poem to go with a child's handprint as they move onto big school the following year. 

A simple way for a child to remember their friends throughout the year.

For preschool children, get them to create their own graduation owl as a keepsake of their preschool graduation.

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