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Appsessment 1.9 - Generate 8 Different Reports In Appsessment

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Appsessment 1.9 - Generate 8 Different Reports In Appsessment

Appsessment version 1.9 is now released with a new "Reports" feature. Following our user's requests, we have now added this main feature to Appsessment that gives you the ability to create Reports. We have developed a very comprehensive reporting feature in Appsessment that you can use to get a summary of various information in your Centre's App. Below is the list of various types of report that you are able to generate in your Centres App and the other new features included in this update: 

1. Children Documentation Fields Reports

2. Individual Outcomes Summary Report 

3. Child Documentation Outcomes Report

4. Documentation Report 

5. Child Documentation Counts Report

6. Child Overview Report 

7. Parent Comments Report 

8. Parent Input Report 

9. Export Reports to PDF 

10. Tagging Templates 

The report feature will give you the efficiency to keep track of all types of documentation you create by providing you with numerous report options. From developing a report to see individual child learning outcomes, to creating a report based on parent comments. We have a variety of reporting options for you to choose from which can then be used to analyse and inform your ongoing practice.

For more information, please read the following: Version 1.9 - Generating Reports

If you are yet to try Appsessment, get started today. You can trial Appsessment with 14 Days Money Back Guarantee and our plans starts from just $10 per month on a no-contract!

Last modified on Saturday, October 7, 2017
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