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QKLG - Reference List

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QKLG - Reference List

The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines supports kindergarten teachers’ professional practice in a range of contexts across Queensland. The guideline is based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) and embraces the inclusive vision that “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life”.

Here is a list of the QKLG, that can be used as a reference guide: Queensland Kindergarten Learnng Guidelines 

QKLG - Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions

Knowledge, skills and dispositions describe how children explore during the Kindergarten Year within a holistic learning program. In addition, teachers work with family, community and other partners to negotiate learning and development priorities. Teachers use Knowledge, skills and dispositions to plan opportunities to engage children in integrated learning through play, real-life engagements, routines and transitions. 

Click here to download: QKLG - Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions

Intentional Teaching Examples In QKLG

Intentional Teaching examples are provided for each key focus and significant aspect of learning. When educators explicitly teach knowledge and skills to individuals or small groups that supports the children learning it is intentional teaching. 

Click herre to read: Intentional teaching Examples In QKLG



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