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Measles Outbreak Alert and Measles Symptoms

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Measles Outbreak Alert and Measles Symptoms

NSW Health has issued an alert for an outbreak of measles in South Western and Western Sydney. 

It is important for everyone to ensure that they have received at least two doses of measles containing vaccine (MMR). Infants and young children are vaccinated with measles containing vaccine at 12 months and 18 months of age. Older children and adults born during or after 1966 should ensure that they have been vaccinated with two doses of vaccine. The Measles vaccine is free, so please make sure you visit you local GP and make sure you have had the recommended 2 doses. 

For information regarding the outbreak, read the following: Measles Outbreak In Western Sydney


Measles is a viral disease that may have serious complications.

In the past, measles infection was very common in childhood. Symptoms of measles include fever, sore eyes and a cough followed three or four days later by a red, blotchy rash spreading from the head and neck to the rest of the body.

For more information in regards to signs, symptoms and prevention of Measles, read: Measles

Last modified on Wednesday, April 5, 2017
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