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New Pay Rates - Wage Tables Now Updated With 3% Increase For 2019

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New Pay Rates - Wage Tables Now Updated With 3% Increase For 2019 Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

For Educators, ECT's and Trainees earning minimum wages in their respective Award, as of 01 July you will receive a 3% increase. Check your increased wages in the relevant wage table available in each of the Articles below.

Childcare Wages In Australia - As a childcare worker in Australia, your pay rate falls under the Children’s Services Award 2010. This award states the minimum amount that an employer can pay you based on your qualification and your position while working in an early learning centre.

Early Childhood Teachers (ECT) Award Wages in Australia - When working as a qualified Early Childhood Teacher (with a university degree) within a service, your rate of pay will come from the Educational Service Teachers Award, 2010. This Award is specifically for Early Childhood Teachers employed as the ECT in their centre.

Childcare Traineeship Wages and Conditions - Whether you are doing a Cert 3 or a Diploma traineeship or thinking about doing a traineeship it’s a good idea to understand what wages you will be receiving and the conditions of your traineeship.

The 3% increase comes into effect from the first full pay period as of 01 July 2019.

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