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Exceeding Quality Areas Within The NQS

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Exceeding Quality Areas Within The NQS

There are three Exceeding themes that services will need to demonstrate for a standard to be rated Exceeding NQS. A rating of Exceeding NQS means going above and beyond what is expected at the Meeting NQS level for a standard.

The following guidance is provided to assist services and assessors to consider if practice demonstrates a rating of Exceeding NQS. The indicators provided are not exhaustive, and services may demonstrate Exceeding level in a variety of ways that suit their particular operating environment and approach to practice.

Quality Area 1 - Quality Area 1 has three standards that focus on the educational program, educational practice, and assessment and planning for each child’s learning and development.

Quality Area 2 - Quality Area 2 has two standards that focus on children’s health and safety.

Quality Area 3 - Quality Area 3 has two standards that focus on the design of service facilities and the use of the service’s physical environment to support children’s experiences.

Quality Area 4 - Quality Area 4 has two standards that focus on the organisation and professionalism of educators, staff and management.

Quality Area 5 - Quality Area 5 has two standards that focus on relationships between educators and children, and between children and their peers.

Quality Area 6 - Quality Area 6 has two standards that support building collaborative partnerships with families and communities to enhance children’s inclusion, learning and wellbeing as they transition through the early years into school and/or attend outside school hours care services.

Quality Area 7 - Quality Area 7 has two standards that focus on governance and leadership at the service.

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