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Gross Motor Indoor Games

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Gross Motor Indoor Games
During winter, there are going to be days where you can't take the children outside. So, on those days, you need to think of different ways to keep the children engaged.
Here are 3 fun indoor games that will get them moving and release their energy! 
1) Tape Indoor Fun - The following activity is a great indoor game, using simple tape on floor space to get children moving! There are also a ton of other suggestions using tape as well!
2) Balloon Body Fun - Grab yourself a pack of balloons and have some fun with these 4 awesome games that will keep the children entertained! Great ideas for children to release all that energy being stuck indoors. These games are based on gross motor skills and help children with their hand/eye coordination, concentration, upper body strength and more!
3) String Maze - Use string to make a maze indoors where children have to weave their way from start to finish.
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