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These weather charts enable Educators to use with children to learn about the weather. Using weather chars support children to make scientific observations and predictions, learning weather vocabulary and more.
The Colour Of The Week enables Educators to choose a colour that they would like to focus on for their group of children. Using the Colour Of The Week posters Educators can implement a variety of experiences that will assist…
Cut and Paste Vehicles enable children to cut out pieces and paste them together to create vehicles. Educators can pre-cut these and laminated them, and children can put them together like a puzzle.
Ocean Animals Tracing Pictures enables children to trace over the lines to create a picture of an ocean animal. These also can be laminated to be reused.
Colouring pages of sea animals
Ocean Animals Facts Posters provide simple facts on ocean animals for children to understand. It can be used as a discussion point for children that show an interest in ocean animals. These posters can also be used in a display.
Ocean Animals Tangrams enable children to use tangrams to create ocean animals. The shapes can be positioned to create ocean animals. If tangrams are not available within the learning environment there is a second page of tangram shapes for each…
Ocean Number Colouring enables children to colour in numbers 1 to 10. This includes the number, number name and the amount of sea creatures.
Ocean Shadow Flashcards enable children to match each ocean animal with their shadow. Shadow matching enables children to develop visual discrimination skills and analyse the shapes of sea animals to match one another.
2 Ingredient Sensory Recipes Posters provide recipes for a variety of sensory experiences. for Sensory experiences enable children to use their senses to explore and manipulate objects.
The Letter Picture Dots Worksheets enable children to trace each letter of the alphabet along with the corresponding picture. These are great for children who are developing their pre-writing skills and also encourages them to learn and recognise letters of…
The Snowflake Pattern Block Mats enable children to develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. It also helps children to sort blocks based on size, shape and colour when creating snowflakes.
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