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The Rocket Shadow Shapes Match enables children to correctly identify the shape of the rocket and find the correct shadow shape. Using pegs children can "clip" the correct shadow once they recognise it. This is great for children learning shapes and recognising shapes.

Shape Poems

Shape Poems are easy rhyming poems that teach children about 2d shapes. It's an easy way for children to learn to name and recognise shapes. When children learn about shapes they are learning basic geometry skills and these shape poems are a great way to start.

Road Shapes

Road Shapes enable children to practise making shapes and identify and name different shapes. These can be laminated and children can use cars to trace around the shape road.

The Shape Of The Week enables Educators to choose a shape for children to learn for the week. Using the Shape Of The Week posters Educators can implement a variety of experiences that will assist children in learning shapes. This can also be used during circle time.

The Shapes Sorting Mats enable children to sort everyday objects onto the correct shaped mats. This helps children to understand that objects in the environment are of different shapes and how to identify and match them correctly.

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