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Dinosaur Fossil Posters are to be used as a display in the learning environment during a dinosaur theme. These can also be laminated and used as a playdough mat where children have to use playdough to make the dinosaur fossils.

The Number Formation Rhymes Posters are rhymes on how to write each individual number. These are great for teaching children how to write numbers in a fun and engaging way.

The Countries Around The World Posters display pictures associated with that individual country. These are great to use as a discussion point with children and to be used as a display.

The Countries Posters display pictures of what can be found in that particular country. These are great to use as a discussion point with children and to be used as a display.

The Stages Of Writing Posters are a great source of information to refer to when children begin to write. The posters show the different stages a child goes through in their writing development. These are great to use for reference when completing assessments on children. These are also great to display in the writing area.

Counting and Number Songs Posters can be used when singing songs with children. They teach children to count and can be used during circle time.

The Interest Area Posters 2.0 provide a brief description of the play area as well as links to the EYLF learning outcomes version 2.0. These are great to add into the learning environment.

The Chinese New Year Information Posters provide a brief description of the culture and traditions of the Chinese New Year. These are great to use as a Chinese New Year cultural display within the learning environment.

The Interest Area Signs are to be added to the different areas within the learning environment. Interest areas guide play, exploration and discovery which are all used to foster children’s holistic development. Interest areas enable educators to think intentionally about how to organize the space and involve the children to provide accessible materials that engage children and enhance their play experiences.

The A to Z Of Mindfulness Posters is a great way to remind Educators and Parents of how they can practice being mindful. For each letter of the alphabet, there is an example of ways of being mindful. These are great to display in the staff room or for parents. They can also be discussed during group time with preschool and OOSH children.

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