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The Recycle Songs and Rhymes Posters are great to display within the learning environment and easy and catchy songs to teach to children. These songs are a great way for children to learn about the environment and will help children to remember to recycle different items. A great way to encourage children to begin recycling.

The Scientists And Their Jobs Posters are great to display within the learning environment. Each poster includes the name of the role, a description of what the job involves and an image. This is great to get children involved in learning about science and to start conversations about scientists and their different roles.

The Doctor Dramatic Play Posters are great to add to the dramatic play area when children engage in doctor play. The posters provide information on basic procedures and equipment that doctors and nurses may use during a visit to the doctors or hospital. These can also be used as a discussion to help children understand what happens and to what to expect when going to the doctor. 

The Showing Kindness Posters display colourful images in different ways children can show kindness. It's important to include and encourage kindness every day in the learning environment and these posters are visual cues hugely helpful in reinforcing acts of kindness.

The World Of Bridges Posters displays images of bridges from all over the world. These are great to display in the construction and block area to inspire children to build and create their own bridges or be inspired to create their own.

The Opposites Posters enable children to learn the concept of opposites. Opposites are pairs of words that directly contrast each other or are opposites. These posters have colour images to help children grasp this concept. These are great to display within the learning environment.

The EYLF explains literacy as the children’s “capacity, confidence and disposition to use language in all its forms”. Thus literary includes not only talking, listening, viewing, reading and writing but a range of modes of communication including music, movement, dance, storytelling, visual arts, media and drama. The following provides information on the Literacy Rich Environment, Characteristics Of A Literacy-rich Environment, Components Of A Literacy-rich Environment, Strategies and more! 

The Pencil Grasp Posters show the ages and stages and different ways that children hold their pencil that is most common among children. It is fairly common for young children to still be learning how to correctly hold their pencil. These will be great to add to the learning environment or even used as a reference for Educators when observing a child holding a pencil. 

The All Feeling Are Welcome Posters is a very cute and colourful display to have within the environment that showcases different types of feelings. These feelings may be the type of feelings that a child may display throughout the day and these posters show acceptance of welcoming of those feelings.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flag Posters have both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags. There is also an information page for each flag that includes the meaning of the flags and what each flag represents. These can be displayed within the learning environment.

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