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Need to get a document or form signed by a Parent?
Thank You, Early Childhood Educators!
On Wednesday 02 September, is Early Childhood Educators Day and as a massive THANK YOU to all Educators working and to show our heartfelt appreciation we are offering 40% of all Premium Subscriptions!
Version 3.5 includes new features in Templates, Documentation, Private Messages, Mobile App and Bug fixes.
With social distancing and services minimising interactions between educators and families during pick up and drop-offs, this is a great opportunity to use Appsessment Childcare App to keep families up to date and informed of the happenings at the centre.
THANK YOU To All Early Childhood Educators Continuing To Work Throughout Australia!
Auto Save feature is now available in Appsessment App. This automatically saves changes you have made when completing your documentation to prevent losing your data when you forget to save it, accidentally click the back button, loss of internet connectivity or if your computer freezes or crashes. The AutoSave function will help you in recovering the lost data. This will…
We are excited to announce we have now introduced Developmental Milestones (Birth to 5 Years) to Frameworks in Appsessment - Digitial Documentation App. The Developmental Milestones are segregated into Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Language, and are categorised into the following age ranges: Birth to 4 Months 4 to 8 Months 8 to 12 Months 1 to 2 Years 2…
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