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Sydney Early Childhood Service Infested With Ibis

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Sydney Early Childhood Service Infested With Ibis

A Sydney early childhood service has expressed its outrage about a flock of ibis birds that it believes continues to endanger the health and safety of the children by leaving droppings behind.

The "ridiculous infestation" has been going on for three years, according to Katherine Frankland, director of The Cubbyhouse Pre-school in Menai, but she claims the council won't do anything to assist fix the issue, which is costing the centre a few hundred dollars a week.

The National Parks and Wildlife Act of 1974 protects ibis birds since they are native to Australia. According to the Sutherland Shire Council, which has so far not proposed any other options, this implies that the bird cannot be removed from the region or have its habitat damaged.

Because the trees cannot be removed, they have only suggested cutting the branches that dangle over the fence into the playground, but Katherine claims it hasn't made a difference.

They all nest in the trees above the church, so when we arrive the following morning, there is just poop all over the place. Babies crawl around, so we have to clean it before the kids can play outside, she told Yahoo, adding that the smell is "horrendous."

According to Katherine, they are cleaning the area, which is regarded as council land, for about $300 per week. Due to the identical problem, which they were unable to maintain, the childcare facility next door had to close.

The birds return at night, so we have to pay for pressure washers to come in two or three times a week. Since we provide a non-profit service, we just cannot continue operating that way, she stated. We should be using our money to support the disadvantaged families we assist, not to pay someone to mow the lawn.

The fact that the dead ibis is frequently seen laying in the playground just makes the problem worse. Katherine claims that despite workers being compelled to take them to the veterinarian to be put to death, it still happens.

Her top priorities are the children's health and safety as well as the survival of the centre. The constant mess takes up at least one staff member every day, which means there is one less educator dealing with the kids.

The ibis was one of many factors that forced the centre to modestly raise its costs. What must we sacrifice in order to give those kids a secure and hygienic environment? said Katherine.

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Last modified on Tuesday, July 4, 2023
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