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Free Live Webinars On Understanding & Supporting Children's Behaviour

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Free Live Webinars On Understanding & Supporting Children's Behaviour

Understanding and supporting children's behaviour has been funded through the NSW Department of Education's Sector Development Program. This program will consist of six live webinars plus follow-up Q&A webinars with Dr Louise Porter and Sandi Phoenix.

Webinars include:

  • TOPIC 1 - Children's Emotional Development - 6:30 pm AEDT, Thursday 3rd November 2022 Live Q&A: 7:00 pm AEDT, Thursday 17th November 2022
  • TOPIC 2 - Children's brain development - Coming soon - February 2023
  • TOPIC 3 - Connections with children - Coming soon - March 2023
  • TOPIC 4 - Supporting children's behaviour - Coming soon - April 2023
  • TOPIC 5 - Working together with families and communities - Coming soon - May 2023
  • TOPIC 6 - Educator / Service support & wellbeing - Coming soon - June 2023

About This Course

  • 17 lessons
  • Fully funded by the NSW Department of Education
  • Access for 12 months
  • 6 live webinars + 6 Q&A webinars (recorded and uploaded and uploaded for self-paced access)
  • There will be six hours of live webinars that will be recorded for access after the live event. There will also be six live Q&A sessions for you to attend (optional).
  • You will have 1 year to complete this course.
  • There are instructions for each webinar inside this course.
  • Yes! These webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the course under each topic. Access to the recordings will be one week after each live date.
  • To receive your certificate, you must click on 'Complete & Continue' on every page of the course. Once you've done this your certificate download button should come up in the top left corner of your course, where the progress bar is.

 To register and for information, please read the following: Understanding and Supporting Behaviour




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