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Celebrate Grandparents Day On 30th October

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Celebrate Grandparents Day On 30th October

Grandparents Day is held on the 30th of October 2022. It's a unique day to honour grandparents, grand-friends, family members, and other people who typically play the role of grandparents in their families or communities. It's a lovely moment to thank the family's elder members for everything they do.

On Grandparents Day, we have the opportunity to express how much we value our elderly family members. Whether we accomplish that by planning or participating in a celebration or simply having a cup of tea and a chat, now is the time to pause and express gratitude for the positive impacts these amazing family members have on our lives, families, and communities.

Activities For Children 

I Love You To Pieces - Using cut pieces of paper, children can spread love to their grandparents. 
Love Colouring Pages - Children can choose their grandparents a love colouring page to turn into a card. 
I Love You In Different Languages Posters - Gift a poster of I Love You in the grandparent's native language. 
Love You Berry Much - Using a child's handprints create this cute craft for grandparents day. 
What I Love About You - This free template can be adapted for grandparents day. Add a photo of grandparents and the child has to tell what they love about them.

Facts about Grandparents Day

Queensland was the first state to establish an official day in honour of Grandparents back in 2010.
It is now celebrated right across the world.
In The UK it is celebrated on the first Sunday of October, in the USA on 8th of September and in Italy on the 2nd of October
The aim of Grandparents Day is to celebrate the contributions of Grandparents.
It also honours the diversity of Grandparents and similar roles within the family unit.
It doesn’t have to be a party or event. A simple catch-up with an older relative can be just as special and important.
Many communities do put on events so do some research and check out if there’s anything planned in your area.

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