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Early Learning Matters Week 17 - 21 October

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Early Learning Matters Week 17 - 21 October

Early Learning Matters Week is on from the 17th to the 21st of October. The aim is to recognise the contribution the early childhood industry has on children's development and well-being and how important the role of early childhood educators are in their role of supporting and promoting learning to children.

Early Learning Matters Week, which is sponsored by Early Childhood Australia, brings together early childhood educators, parents, caregivers, and community leaders from all around Australia to promote awareness of the value of early learning and the impact the industry has on society.

Early childhood education and care are important for children's growth and wellness, and Early Learning Matters Week seeks to recognise this.

It's an excellent chance to explain to our communities how play-based learning helps youngsters develop the confidence and enthusiasm to learn that will lay the groundwork for their well-being and success throughout their lives.

With the help of their parents, caregivers, and the larger community, young children can learn and flourish in high-quality, play-based education and care.

We eagerly anticipate the events that services will be planning to highlight the value of early learning during Early Learning Matters Week.

Here are some free Resources that can be used during Early Learning Matters Week: 

Importance Of Play - The following provides information on the therapeutic powers of play including self-expression, self-regulation, social- relationships and more. 

Benefits Of Play Posters - The Benefits of Play Posters provide detailed information on how the child benefits from playing in different areas set up throughout the early childhood service. These posters provide the purpose, the development and learning and the skills a child develops when playing and engaging in different experiences throughout the day. 

Stages Of Play - This article provides the 6 stages of play developed by Mildren Parten. 

For more information: Early Learning Matters Week



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