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Celebrate National Families Week From 15th May to 21st May 2023

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Celebrate National Families Week From 15th May to 21st May 2023

National Families Week (15 - 21 May), is a time to celebrate the contributions families make in early childhood services and for children to acknowledge the importance of families. The following provides ideas and experiences that can be incorporated into the program for National Families Week.

About National Families Week

The purpose of National Families Week is to reflect on the crucial role that families play in educating, supporting, and nurturing children as they grow, as well as to celebrate the important role that families play in Australian society.

The International Day of Families, which falls on May 15, falls within National Families Week.  The United Nations observes this day to demonstrate the value that the world places on families as the essential pillars of society and to express concern about the state of many families around the globe.

Experiences To Incorporate Into The Program 

  • Start a family tree with family photos
  • Get to know more about each family with an "our family story" question form.
  • Create a room family book, including photos of families and who they are
  • Discuss the differences and similarities in families (who lives at home, do you have pets, do you have siblings, do grandparents live at home) etc.
  • Discover the diversity of families and find out where they're from.
  • Discuss what makes a family during group time
  • Make cupcakes/biscuits for children to take home to say thank you.
  • Have children draw their families
  • Have discussions with children about what they love doing with their family, favourite holidays they've been on together, family life etc.
  • Educators can write a thank you note to families showing appreciation for supporting them during their child's learning.
  • Start a Sleepover Bear - send home a stuffed bear/animal over the weekend to each family and a journal where they can add what they did over the weekend.
  • Setup a parent library
  • Set up a "take what you need shelf" and add items such as pasta, toilet paper, wet wipes, tissues, long-life milk, and canned foods - parents can take items they may require and then replace them.
  • Create a parent corner - add a kettle with tea, coffee, sugar, long-life milk, and disposable cups - they can enjoy if they are waiting for their child.
  • Say thank you to all families
  • Plan social events for Parents
  • Create a Family Recipe Book

For more information: National Families Week

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