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Applications Open For The Margaret Trembath Scholarship, 2022

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Applications Open For The Margaret Trembath Scholarship, 2022

Margaret Trembath Scholarship, 2022 is now open in Australia. All educators and organisations are being invited to apply for the scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is $20,000. This scholarship is to support research in young children’s learning, development and/or well-being. This scholarship is dedicated in the name of Margaret Trembath to pay honour to her.

The scholarship is awarded to individuals, or nominated individuals in Australia, to support a research project in the general area of the care and education of young children (birth to eight years) and their families. The research should benefit early childhood education and care in Australia

Trembath was born in South Australia. She was a prominent distinguished personality who worked for the betterment of children. She dealt with early childhood stages in children. Her enthusiasm, perseverance, and courage lead her to fight for the things she had believed in. She worked for the betterment of early childhood and the development of children in all respect. She wanted to bring everything that was excellent for the children. Throughout her life, she encouraged and also worked for the betterment of children. She was honoured for her work, not only in South Australia but also her work illuminating her overseas also. 

In 1985, trust is made by the Australian Association of Early Childhood Educators (later known as the Institute of Early Childhood Educators) to brighten and perpetuate the memory of Margaret Trembath. The administrator of this trust is Early Childhood Australia, South Australian Branch. 

The criteria for the scholarship have given below:

  1. The participant must be an Australian citizen who must be working in the field of early childhood (birth to 8 years).
  2. Generally, not available for the candidate who will be undertaking a consultancy.
  3. The candidate must be intended to contribute toward the costing of research.
  4. The scholarship would not fund major capital expenditure. 

Essential requirements

  1. Must have required and relevant experience related to the early childhood
  2. Must have previous relevant research experience
  3. The research must be presented in the form of an academically publishable report and presented to the ECA SA executive committee.

Please note that the proposal must demonstrate the followings

  1. The aim should be clear of the research and deliverable outcome should also be clearly presented.
  2. Research should be capable of changing the existing designs to improve practice.

Successful applicants must obtain ethics approval and will be expected to write a publishable report and present their findings at the South Australia Early Childhood Australia branch executive committee. 

The scholarship is awarded as a one-year tenure. The recipient/s will be required to submit a ‘review of progress report’ to ECA SA at 6 months and 11 months. The final report will be due 3 months after completion of the research. A further 3 months will be allocated to respond to ECA feedback. Final payments will be provided upon approval of the final report. If timelines cannot be met, a written application to the Margaret Trembath Scholarship Chair seeking an extension will be required at least 2 weeks prior to the due date.


The last date of receiving the application form will be closed on 31 May 2022 at the end of the business hour.

For more information: Margaret Trembath Research Scholarship

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