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Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours - Free Kit For Educators

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Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours - Free Kit For Educators

Woolworths Fresh Food Discovery Tour Program is back! This program is aimed to teach children what is good to eat and where it is coming from. Children will explore where fresh food comes from with activities, how fruit and vegetables are grown as well as learn about the farm to table journey and much more! 

Now, this program is more digitally enhanced and designed for Early Learning Services and Primary Schools. It is very essential for kids to know the source of food and how many procedures need to follow from sowing seeds before it comes to our plate. This experience will help them to respect food. In this program, there are lots of new and engaging activities for children and now as it becomes digitally accessible, enabling children to access the program from their own learning environment. 

The program is designed with the help of educators, food scientists, and nutritionists. Their rich experience has made the program unique and fruitful. Activities are curriculum-aligned in areas such as science, geography, health, maths, English. 

To be part of the program, Educators can request a free classroom kit, which will be directly sent to your service. The kit will have age-wise lesson plans, activity guides, instructions, required tools to perform the activities and more! As per the learning stages, children will have the opportunity to visit the different farms and learn about fresh foods through augmented reality.  They will have the opportunity to explore the world of seeds, plants, soil, etc. 

To request a free kit and for more information: Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours 


Last modified on Sunday, May 1, 2022
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