Observation during Work Placement. Stressed!

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Observation during Work Placement. Stressed!

Post by MissAJ » Tue Sep 27, 2022 9:37 pm

Hi everyone! :D
i am very new to this forum and also to this industry - i am almost half way through my cert III in early childhood ed and care and i am 19!

i started my first placement block and this week is my last! i have around 40 hours so far. and i've basically been an absolute nervous wreck the whole time. I have fun with the children and the teachers in my room are pretty nice ( Though at first i felt very unsettled and thought that a lot of people didnt like me lol, but its gotten a little better!) But the school assessment aspect has me stressed beyond belief!

i could be over reacting but a supervisor from my school is coming to observe me tomorrow and i am freaking out!!! i feel like they are going to be expecting so much from me, but that could just be the anxiety or stress talking. i keep reminding myself that they can't expect me to be perfect since this literally is my very first working experience in a childcare, and i am not even halfway through my course, so im still learning - but still i am an absolute anxious wreck and its been all i have been thinking about!

my school doesn't communicate with my centre or give them a list of tasks to give me to do (or me for that matter)- so im worried my school will expect me to do things that i didn't even learn how to do at this centre! basically what ive done at the centre is things like supervise children, helping sleeptime, serving food, doing activities and cleaning. i didnt learn about the things im apparently supposed to know in the observation like Anaphylaxis and asthma management plans, Incident, injury, trauma and illness record forms or Sleep checklists. like i literally just found out i have to show knowledge in this! and that i apparently have to tell my supervisor the centres emergency evacuation plan?? i had no idea! i mean i know generally where we evacuate to, but thats all i was told. i never asked as i'm just not good at being independent and asking questions, this is the first big study/job thing im doing by myself since graduating highschool and i feel so irresponsible, its too late to ask stuff like this so im probably just going to have to suck it up and be honest and say i dont know! Worst that can happen is i guess they will fail me :lol: and if they fail me for this small thing then oh well lol.

i guess i just wanted to vent! i've been overthinking this whole placement and i just feel like im so clueless. i lack a lot of confidence and in if what i am doing is right or wrong. i do what i know and believe is right but i just think ill be judged by others differently! and yeah i just hate the idea that im going to have to prove my skills and knowledge, or lack there of, to someone tomorrow :sweating:. Does anyone have experience with being observed during placement? am i being way too silly and anxious??

thank you if you read all this! i feel a little better after venting!

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Re: Observation during Work Placement. Stressed!

Post by Lorina » Tue Oct 04, 2022 2:27 am


Welcome to the industry and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I'm Lorina, nice to meet you!

How did work placement go?

Being nervous, anxious, and unsettled are perfectly natural feelings to have during work placement. As long as your learning and your Educators are supportive that is the main thing.

All the paperwork such as injury forms, sleep check forms etc. are all part of the regulations and you may go through these in one of your later modules. If not, don't worry you will learn these on the work placement or when you start working.

In regards to observations, you may be required to do these. Typically the room leader does most of the documentation however some room leaders also encourage room assistants to also be involved in documentation such as writing observations and the daily dairy. With observations, you basically observe a child and write down exactly what you see the child doing for a few minutes, you evaluate what you observed, link it to outcomes then come up with an experience to extend on their learning/skill. I know it must sound a little complicated but it's fairly quick once you get used to it. Don't worry, with experience and guidance you will be able to do this as well.

Just remember, don't be too hard on yourself! You're new and you are still learning!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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