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Site Features & Services

Post by admin » Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:49 pm

Hi Everyone,

This document explains the various features and services available in Aussie Childcare Network so you can use this website to its maximum potential. This site is developed with an aim to be as much user friendly as possible and we constantly strive to build free useful resources for all Educators, Students and Parents.

Aussie Childcare Network has the following features and you can find these options in the top menu bar:

  1. Articles - The articles featured on this site cover a wide range of topics within early childhood education, development, learning and care. The information in each of these articles are based on current research, knowledge and practical experience. When writing these articles we find it necessary to include simple to understand information that is easy to follow and is meaningful. For educators and students we also have a variety of "how to" guides to support understanding in programming , planning, child behaviour, balancing work and study and more. We have also included pregnancy and parenting articles for parents needing that extra bit of guidance. We will continue to strive to provide articles that are useful and informative for educators, students and parents.
  2. Activities - The activities we offer here (from babies to school age) cover a range of different experiences. Games, Art and Craft, Rhymes & Songs and Cooking Activities are all included. Educators and parents can use any of these activities to encourage a child to explore, strengthen their own learning or to develop and practice a new skill. Each of the activities offer simple instructions and suggestions on how to enrich a child's learning and development through play.
  3. Printables – Our Printables section has a collection of Educational Printables and Worksheets for children. You can use these printables to encourage child development and learning. All Printables and worksheets are created by Aussie Childcare Network and are available for you to download and print in a high quality PDF formats for free. You can find a variety of worksheets for Cutting Skills, Pre writing Skills, Alphabet Worksheets, Numbers Worksheets, Colours & Shapes Worksheets, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Math Worksheets, Flashcards, Posters and more..
  4. Templates – A Collection of EYLF and MTOP Programming and Planning Templates that you can use at your Long Daycare Centre, Family Daycare Centre or OOSH Before and After school care. This feature was introduced as our effort to help you cut down on your paperwork as well as create professional looking childcare documentations meeting the requirements of EYLF, MTOP and NQS. Here you can find programming templates for Daily Curriculum Plans, Weekly Curriculum Plans, Learning Stories, Reflections, Child Obs, Child Portfolios and more..
  5. Forum - Free Forum Discussions for all Educators, Students and Parents in Australia and worldwide. Our forum will enable you to connect to real people with real experiences who are here to support, guide and assist you. Best of all, this forum connects Educators and Students from different parts throughout Australia which means you get more accurate and reliable information from people around you.
  6. Account - Manage your Account, Premium Subscription and your user settings in this website.

There are various resources you can find in this website and you can use the site "Search" feature available in the top of all pages to find what you want. You can also search in Articles, Activities, Printable and Templates pages to find exactly what you're looking for.

The above summarizes the various features and services available in Aussie Childcare Network. All of these services are created and developed with our aim to share the knowledge and resources to everyone. We hope you enjoy browsing Aussie Childcare Network and please do tell your friends.

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