CHCECE034/035/036/038 AT 5 of 5 [Case Studies]

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CHCECE034/035/036/038 AT 5 of 5 [Case Studies]

Post by JURAY » Fri Sep 09, 2022 12:20 pm

hi im an cirtificate 3 student in child care im just wondering if there someone out there who can help me or give me insight on how will i asnwer this question please i really need some support thank you..

Meaningful documentation is important within our service. Describe how we gather meaningful observations of children including information for the new educators about all of the below to support them to adopt our approaches:
What information we think is important to gather and why.

1.What information we think is important to gather and why.

2.Where we gather information from including primary and secondary source

3.Our belief in a strength-based approach to observations and why we believe this.

4.Why we use subjective vs objective language wherever possible.

5.A description of labelling in observations and why we avoid labelling.

6.When and why we use past and present tense.

7.A description of bias and why we avoid it. Help them understand how they can avoid bias in observations

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