Chcece023 anaylse information to inform learning

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Chcece023 anaylse information to inform learning

Post by laraaye1 » Thu Apr 07, 2022 3:27 pm

Hey there,
this is my assesent question for chcece023 project, i just cant wrap my head around it.. anyone please help

a. Create a series of observations you could undertake for Rita, who is 3 years 8 months of age. Rita has English as her second language and attends the service 3 days a week. She is an only child. The observations for Rita should include:

behaviour and learning across different areas/learning outcomes, using at least 2 different methods of observation,
identify her play preferences, and
identify strengths, interests, and relationships.

b. Explain how you would use this information gathered to inform planning, in your planning consider:

Play experiences that could be created
Intentional teaching,
modelling and
also, one learning environment you could set up.

c. Discuss strategies that can be used to collaborate with families to plan for Rita’s individual needs

d. Discuss how you would share information with other educators, Rita and her family.

e. Review the role of reflection in improving own practice while using evidence gathered. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the learning experience? How would you evaluate your performance to identify areas for improvement?

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