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Post by Kate Hyde » Fri Oct 29, 2021 12:07 pm

Hi could someone please help me

the question is:

Students must prepare a sample conversation (script) that they would have with the child, their colleague ‘Rebecca’, and potentially the director, to discuss their concerns for scenario 3. This conversation should highlight their understanding of the legal and ethical considerations and the appropriate responses.


Katia is two (2) years old and moved to Australia with her family from the Ukraine approximately four (4) months ago. Katia’s mother has recently started working and has put Katia in care for the first time. She has been at the centre for five (5) weeks, attending three (3) days per week.
Katia is used to the constant attention of her family and is finding the unfamiliar surroundings of childcare difficult. She follows the Educator, Rebecca around whimpering and holding her arms up to be carried and doesn’t eat any of the food provided by the centre.
In this role play there are two (2) educators in the room, Rebecca who is becoming frustrated with Katia and another educator that observes her interactions with Katia.
Educator one: Rebecca – Rebecca has become frustrated with Katia and at first ignores her completely. When Katia continues crying and following Rebecca with her arms up, Rebecca yells at Katia “Get over it, you are not the only child in the room and you need to learn that you can’t always be picked up.” She then turns to you and says “It’s so annoying, just because her parents always babied her, now we’re the ones that have to deal with her whining.”
Educator two: is required to respond to Rebecca about both the comments she has made and the way that she has responded to Katia, ensuring that all legal and ethical considerations are demonstrated. Educator two may also present their concerns to the service director. It is this role which must be observed by the assessor.

Following on from the demonstration, the participant in the role of Educator 2 must explain to the assessor why they responded the way they did referring to current legislation and ethical practice. The same participant must also explain how workplace practice could be improved to ensure this behaviour does not continue.

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