CHCECE017 Developmental Theorists

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CHCECE017 Developmental Theorists

Post by JBrown26 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:09 am

Ok, below is the assignment I have been stuck on for days. I have chosen and researched the theorists (Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget) however Question Four has me stumped, how am I supposed to answer that question? Looking for some kind of starting point.. Please?

You are to choose and then research 2 theorists of your choice. Choose theorists who give insights and help to explain how young children learn and develop.
In order to help you choose these theorists, you can refer to the Educator's Guide to the Early Years Learning Framework (pages 54-57). These pages give you an overview of the numerous theoretical perspectives and their corresponding theorists.

The theorists you do choose however, must relate to young children and how they help to explain their learning and development. At least 1 of the 2 theorists must relate to the emotional and psychological learning and development of children. Once you have decided on the 2 theorists, use the questions listed below to show your understanding of each theory.

1. Summarize the key ideas of the theory.
2. Identify the domain/s of development that the theory is most relevant to.
3. Explain how the domains identified in question 2 can impact on other domains of development.
4. Outline how the theory is demonstrated in pedagogical practices in the role as an educator. That is, what does the theory look like in the workplace? What would the educators be doing? What sorts of experiences would they be providing?

Thank You So Much :)

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