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Post by Mouni » Thu Jun 24, 2021 6:24 pm

1.Identify whether or not the given descriptions are indicators of abuse that require immediate appropriate action. Check the box beside the statement if it is an indication of abuse. There are 6 to be identified
a.The child or young person is unable to explain an injury, or explanations given are inconsistent, vague, or bizarre.
b.The child shows fear of being alone with a particular person.
c.The child has a cut on their finger.
e.The child has more friends of the same sex.
f.The child wears hand-me-down clothes and has no new outfits.
g.The child shows signs of malnutrition, begging, stealing or hoarding food.
h.The parent or caretaker constantly criticises, threatens, belittles, insults, or rejects the child or young person with no evidence of love, support, or guidance.
i.The child did not get their favourite toy for their birthday.
j.The child or young person is unusually frightened of a parent or carer, or is afraid to go home.
k.The child implies that they are required to keep secret
my answers are a,b,h,g,j,

2.You are one of the educators at an early childhood education centre. You notice one of the children frequently has new bruises on his body. When asked about it, the boy tries to avoid answering the question. During art class, his drawing suggests that his father hits him when he has consumed alcohol. Should you confront the father? yes or no
my answer no

3.Answer the following questions about abuse.
What is one possible explanation for the correct answer to the previous question?
a.Confronting the father could place the boy at risk of further harm.
b.Confronting the father could get you arrested.
c.Confronting the father will embarrass the boy.
d.Confronting the father will make him stop the abuse.
my answer is a

4.As an education and care service provider, what are some ways to respond to legal and ethical issues concerning children under your care?
Select four (4).

a. Follow organisational protocol for responding to specific issues.
c. Always listen to and support the child, and thank them for helping you to understand their situation.
h. Maintain a calm appearance
g. Disclose the issue to colleagues even those who are not involved, so they may tell their students about the issue.
b. Threaten the child, so they would disclose more information on the matter
d. Do not make promises you cannot keep.
f. Make your own investigation on the matter.
e. Promise the child that everything will be okay, so that they will feel better.

my answers are a,c,h,d
can you please check my answer and tell me which ones is correct thank you

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