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The Australian Day Flag template is a portfolio template used for Australia Day celebrations.

This template is to record the child’s memories of their Last Day of School. 

The Progress of Outcomes template is used to record the outcomes the child has met throughout the year.

"I’m Going to Big School" template is for all the pre-school children moving onto Kindergarten next year.

This template is another method of observing children and can be used by educators in LDC, FDC and OOSH settings.

To celebrate the Rio Olympics (5-21 Aug), we have created an "Olympic Learning Story" template. This enables educators to narrate the Olympic celebrations that have occurred throughout the centre. 

This template can be used to show how a child benefits from playing in Dramatic Play. 

This template is a form to be filled out and submitted by parents who are joining the preschool room. 

This template enables educators to write a detailed account of the child's experiences. 

This template is used as a Mothers Day gift and added to the child's portfolio. 

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